Gross Profit Formula

Gross Profit Formula: How To Calculate Gross Profit Margin

Gross profit is that the revenue a business brings in after covering the expenses required to form a purchase . Simply put, gross profit margin may be a business’s total sales, less the value of products sold.
Seems easy enough, right? It are often . But, how does one calculate gross profit margin margin exactly? That’s where the gross profit formula comes in. WHAT IS THE gross profit margin FORMULA? The equation for calculating gross profit margin is simple: Sales – Cost of products Sold = gross profit margin, In order to completely understand gross profit margin , you’ve got to know the dRead More…

Financial management is the discipline that deals with matters related to management

What Is The Principal Financial Group

A global insurance and financial investment management company, the Principal Financial
Group was founded in 1879 by Edward Temple. Today it’s a publicly-traded company with over 17,600 employees and has its headquarters is in Des Moines, Iowa. The products we offer include investment and asset management, insurance solutions, and retirement services. We have annual revenue in excess of $16.2 billion and assets under management of over $735.3 billion. That reflects our expertise providing excellent, secure, financial services for individuals, businesses, and institutional clients worldwide.
FoRead More…

When is it ideal to hire a financial advisor?

Managing your own money is not always easy. As much as the internet offers information that helps the administration of finances, there are situations in which hiring a financial advisor is essential to obtain success in your financial life. Although 2014 data from the State of São Paulo points to a 39% growth in consultants with a Financial Planner Certificate, there are financial managers from companies that still do not know the right time to hire a financial advisor. If you are also experiencing this impasse, check out the information that we, at Finance Line, have selected to show you thRead More…

Importance Of Emergency Fund And it Set Up

Everyone experiences financial emergencies from time to time. There are unexpected expenses that can arise at any time and contribute to an emergency situation for someone’s checkbook. This is why the vast majority of financial experts recommend that all individuals keep an emergency fund ready and available at all times. Having the necessary cash in an emergency fund to cover any unexpected expense frees the mind to think about other things and to take care of other aspects of life. How To Get Started On An Emergency Fund Setting up your very first emergency fund can be daunting. People oRead More…

Why do Financial Companies Need Scalability?

Scalability is a word widely used in the world of startups, but for many the definition is still not so clear. Angel investors and Venture Capital market funds from around the world are looking for scalable startups to be part of their investment portfolios. But what is scalability, really? What is scalability?
A scalable startup is, in very simple terms, one that is able to expand (a lot) its number of customer, users and / or revenue in an accelerated way, without having to increase its costs in the same proportion. It is not limited by its business structure and does not sacrifice functionRead More…

What Is The Basic Concepts Of Finance?

Finance is the activities related to the exchange of different capital market goods between individuals, companies, or States and with the uncertainty and risk tolerance that these activities entail. It is considered a branch of the economy that is dedicated to the study of raising capital market for investment in productive assets and investment decision of savers. It is related to transactions and money or financial management.
The main objective of finance, theoretically, is to help natural or legal personal finance to make the correct use of their money, relying on financiaRead More…


FINANCIAL ENGINEERING program was developed by the technical team of LABFIN (Finance Laboratory) with the collaboration of professionals from the financial market and treasury of companies, seeking to offer concepts, tools, and techniques essential to the exercise of the functions of a professional in the financial engineering market, combining theory and practice. FINANCIAL ENGINEERING The main differential of the course of financial
engineering is to combine the improvement in quantitative methods with the
knowledge of products and services in the financial market and the most currentRead More…


Are you thinking
about starting to invest and in doubt about what the financial market is
and how can you take the first steps in the area? So you’ve come to the right
place: in this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about the subject. Financial
markets are, by definition, an environment for buying and selling
securities (shares, options, bonds,) foreign exchange
(foreign currencies) and commodities (gold, agricultural products). In the financial
market, the investor is the one who has money left over and who wants to
multiply it. The paths to this are diversRead More…


This is an extremely delicate subject, after all, many companies today end up breaking for not knowing what financial management is and how to put this concept into practice! They buy more than they sell, they do not analyze their cash flow, they do not have an idea if they are closing in the negative (loss) or in the positive (profit) and are often deceived by indicators that do not represent the real financial plan situation of the company. But rest assured, if you identified yourself in the phrases above, it’s time to solve this problem! In this article you will understand what it is, howRead More…


The financial accounting,
also known as general ledger or external accounting is a crucial instrument to
interpret and analyze the financial situation of a company or organization. In
addition, it is also a legal obligation imposed on companies. In this article
you will be able to learn everything about financial accounting. CONCEPT
ABOUT ACCOUNTING Accounting finance concept is a science that monitors changes in equity, since the formation of the company, and that can be used to monitor the financial health of the business. With this, accounting works from the collection and Read More…