How to get Accounting Job Experience

How to get Accounting Job Experience

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Today, we are going to describt the How to get Accounting Job Experience? If you do have an undergrad in accounting or something comparable and you want to expand your accounting knowledge which it’s not necessary for the CPA for the CPA exam because there’s economics majors who take and pass the CPA exam they just happen to meet the educational requirements and and so it’s not a deal-breaker. It just means that you are really going to have to dig into the debits and credits much more thoroughly.

How to get Accounting Job Experience

If you want to increase your accounting and finance knowledge on a practical level. I can think of no better way then to go work for a small mom-and-pop accounting firm or CPA firm. So right now, it’s it’s September in about November or so the CPA firms. I cover the CPA firms are going to be gearing up for their tax season, which means they’re going to be through all their. They’re training to get all the staff up to speed to get ready for tax season. So this probably here in a month or so is when they will be hiring tax season help now.

How can you help them, you can go and do you can crank out tax returns for them. I mean every tax firm needs people just to cranked out individual tax returns. So you can go and do that and then if there are small firm then they probably have some small business clients. You know a a dry-cleaning service a liquor store a small grocery store that needs their accounting work done.

Their sales tax all of that gives stuff that they have outsourced to the firm. You can go do tax work and also pick up the slack with with a couple of clients do their data entry and that truly is how you grow your accounting knowledge from a practical level to handle money to advance stages. So maybe you leave the current firm that you’re at and go take the plunge and go go work taxis. I think it would be very eye-opening for you

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