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You know how to invest in the stock exchange? In this article, I’m going to give you an easy summary of how to invest in the stock Exchange. If you’ve always thought that the values ​​is a place for financial geniuses or millionaires. Know that you are very wrong and the bag is not just a place for men. Many women already participate. They already take the reins of finance from their own families to learn how to invest in the stock market and make money her husband’s or her sweat even when she works to work for himself, working for his own family.


The stock exchange dates back many years years ago, centuries ago since 1487, in Belgium, here close to the England, the stock exchange was already taking shape. People were already gathering to collect your own money and invest in certain businesses that organized by other people would become big companies where many investors participate. It is still today, the most traditional, efficient and safe to invest your money. The actions of a company are a small part of them that anyone can buy and which most of the times mean very small values.

You can start to invest with very small amounts, different from what many people might think? The stock exchange is where the shares of these companies are traded, it is called BM&F BOVESPA. We have access to it directly from your own home, your computer, your home broker, just like your internet banking at the brokerage. You have the home broker that gives you access to the BOVESPA market where you buy and sell your shares. When buying the stock of a company, you become a partner of it and start earning the profits from work of that company proportional to the investment you made. An excellent business, as companies are in the market to grow as much as possible. The purchase of a stock on the stock exchange is made through a broker.

Brokers have home brokers and through the home broker you have access to the various companies that offer their shares on the market. Have you ever imagined being a partner at AMBEV, Banco Itaú or Bradesco? Like us do we start investing in stocks?

The first step is to choose a independent securities broker. The only thing you have to do is provide your CPF, RG and your personal data and fill out a form, all via online. 2nd step: you will transfer your money to the broker. When this broker is not independent and is linked to a large bank, a strong bank, this transfer is made automatically. 3rd step: you will choose the shares of the companies you want to buy. 4th step: you will buy the shares of the company you have chosen by providing the her acronym inside the home broker, informing her code, the quantity and the share value.

How to trade in the Stock Market?

5th step: the purchase will be executed when a seller who has that stock or the company that owns it and offers the stock that you are interested in. 6th step: the broker will credit the your account the amount corresponding to the stock you purchased. What are the costs to buy the stock of a company? There are three rates corresponding to acquisition of a company’s stock: the brokerage done at the time of purchase, the emoluments, and custody … a fee charged by the broker to guard your share and perform this entire process online. How much does this operation cost? Less than you you pay for your bank account services. It always pays off fees, emoluments and custody, compared to what you have to gain on the stock exchange. Even if you are at the beginning of your investments, investing small amounts you will still earn much more, even if you pay the fees, you will earn much more than to apply your money in any type of banking application.

Pros and Cons of investing in stock market

What are the pros and cons of investing in the stock market? Let’s start with the cons: you are exposed to a greater finance risk in relation to fixed income banking applications. However, for this there are solutions when you diversify your portfolio of shares in several companies, you it dilutes the risks of having a problem eventually with one of them. Knowing, knowing the right companies to invest in, hardly you will have a problem like that. In bad economic times, the price of its shares may fall even if it is a good company. But, those moments are excellent opportunities to acquire a larger number of these shares from a good company. How to choose the ideal broker for you to trade on the stock exchange? You can search on the BOVESPA website, you can catalog them in relation to the fees they charge, or even to inquire about the reputation of these brokers in the market through the internet, in good courses on stock exchange investment, such as How do you choose the stocks you want to invest in? What are the good companies for invest your money on the stock exchange? The financial market has reliable sources of information for you to choose your actions.

They are not in media such as newspapers, magazines, economics and finance books that you will find the right tips for investing. These spaces are advertising spaces paid for by many companies so that speak well of them. Through courses such as you will be informed of what are the sources of secure information to invest. You need to monitor performance at least every three months and have a well-defined strategy for enrichment on the stock exchange and that you follow it until the end. Did you know that 77% of stock market investors are men? Did you know that while in the US half the population, virtually 150 million people invest in the stock exchange, in Brazil little more than only 500 thousand people? Did you also know that 70% of these people that invest in the stock exchange are from the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Minas General? If you are enjoying the tips of this channel sign it down here, subscribe to always receive new tips on investments and know the course I’m Marcelo Veiga and I hope to see you here again and God bless you!

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