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Solve your financial problems

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You spend hours on bank and brokerage apps trying to understand how do they work and Solve your financial problems, You want to start investing, but don’t know how to do it in practice? Need a monthly budget spreadsheet, but have no idea how to structure it? If you still don’t know me, I’m a financial educator. After more than ten years of experience in personal finance, having gone through debt, overcome several challenges, have hundreds of students, a lot of free content on the networks published book. I caught myself a few months ago wondering why many people are still unable to solve your financial problems and follow a plan.

Solve your financial problems

Even with all the access to information, many followers come to me to report the challenge daily to pass money to a broker to start investing, for example, other me they look for what to say to the manager when negotiating debts with the bank. Regardless of people’s economic situation, there is always a practical problem which impedes and frustrates the process of improving financial life policy. Do you go through that too? So why not create an affordable product that offers solutions in tutorial format for everyone who seeks to resolve these issues from day to day, such as, for example, creating a home budget from scratch with step by step, how to invest in CBD understanding where you need to enter, click, what you need to do, how to set goals that make sense among others.

You will no longer need to spend time on the internet looking for solutions practices that teach you how to do. Especially because sometimes you don’t even find what you need. It’s the How to do Finance, made available in an organized way and with your participation to demand what you want to learn. Every month four new debts chosen by members, with solutions to meet their greatest difficulties and doubts in their financial life


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