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What Is The Principal Financial Group

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A global insurance and financial investment management company, the Principal Financial

Group was founded in 1879 by Edward Temple. Today it’s a publicly-traded company with over 17,600 employees and has its headquarters is in Des Moines, Iowa. The products we offer include investment and asset management, insurance solutions, and retirement services. We have annual revenue in excess of $16.2 billion and assets under management of over $735.3 billion. That reflects our expertise providing excellent, secure, financial services for individuals, businesses, and institutional clients worldwide.

Four Segments Of Business Operations

At Principal Financial, our company has four segments of business operations. They are Principal Global Investors, Retirement and Income Solutions, U.S. Insurance Solutions, and Principal International. The Principal Financial Group runs many of its business operations with about 9,000 employees from several buildings in downtown Des Moines. We also have our Principal Global Services facility, our Global Delivery Center, in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Principal Financial also owns naming rights to several iconic Des Moines properties including Principal Park, Principal Riverwalk, as well as, The Principal Charity Classic.

Principal Financial‘s Iconic Marketing Campaign Character

From 2005 to 2015, the Principal Financial Group ran a marketing campaign that featured a leader and principal character named Eddie. In a series of print and television ads, Eddie was depicted facing a wide array of challenges and problems in his business, financial and principal life. Eddie would then turn to the Principal Edge logo for the solution. Eddie showed millions of people around the world all the ways in which Principal Financial can help them overcome their challenges and improve their quality of life. We retired Eddie just before debuting our new logo in 2016.

Principal Financial Stock Price Today

At the Principal Financial Group Inc., the very effective management of our resources and visionary, well-vetted, investment decisions, has kept our stock price high and rising. Currently, the Principal Financial stock price today on NASDAQ averages $41.88 with a recent high of $49.33. Our stock is traded on NASDAQ and other markets under the call sign PFG. Principal Financial stock has long been a safe, solid, investment.

In the past 5 years, the average price of our stock has been $53.59 and it was as high as $75.04 in January 2018. Hedge funds and financial analysts are bullish on PFG stock.

How The Stock Market Works

Stock markets are a place where both individual and institutional investors buy and sell shares in the ownership of companies. In the stock market, supply and demand set the price of stock shares as orders are placed by buyers and sellers. Specialists called market makers to maintain bid-ask spreads and order flow to ensure the market is orderly and fair. Stock or shares are financial instruments representing proportionate ownership of a company or corporation. Many companies have millions or even billions of outstanding shares available for purchase as both common and preferred stock.

Common and Preferred Stock

The two main stock types are common stock and preferred stock. Common stocks have much larger trading volumes and market value than preferred stock. Plus, the common stock carries voting right and enable shareholders to have input at a corporate meeting and in corporate decision making. However, preferred stock has a preference when it comes to receiving dividend payment and assets should the corporation decide to liquidate. Some companies have multiple classes of common stock each with different voting rights.

The multiple class share structure enables the company‘s founders to retain control of its fortunes and strategic direction.

Why Companies Sell Stock Shares

Companies sell stock to raise the capital they need to invest in the equipment, staff, raw materials, and facilities they need to grow and become more successful. That’s because the average start-up company does not have the assets to use as collateral for the size loan they would need from a bank or other financial institution. That is called Debt Financing. Instead, they use stock sales or equity financing to get the capital they need. Using its initial public offering (IPO) of shares and then listing shares for sale on the stock market enables businesses to get the money they need from investors.

Trading On The Stock Market

When a company lists its stock shares for sale on the stock market, the value and price of the stock fluctuate when investors and traders decide on its intrinsic value.

The assessed value of a stock is based on several different metrics and ratios. However, the most popular measure of a stock’s value is its Price-to-Earnings or P/E ratio. This measures how much money the company is earnings compared to the price of its stock. When companies are profitable, their stock value and price go up and more people invest in them. Shareholders can enjoy the dividends or sell their stock at a profit.

What Are Stock Exchanges

A stock exchange is a secondary market where people who own shares of a company‘s stock can make transactions to sell them to potential buyers. Corporations that are listed on stock markets don’t regularly buy and sell the shares of their own company. Generally, the normal day-to-day stock exchange operations are private individuals or institutional investors buying stock from and selling it to each other. When the average person buys stock or shares on the stock market, it’s not from the company. Instead, it’s usually being purchased from an existing shareholder.

Picking The Right Stock Investment

Picking the right stock in which to invest requires expert stock analysis. This helps investors to accurately anticipate if the value of the company‘s stock is more likely to rise in the short and long term. Investment analysts generally use one of two different types of stock analysis to discern which way the value of a particular stock is going. The two common methods are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. At Principal Financial we have a team of knowledgeable, experienced, financial advisor professionals who use the most accurate and dependable metrics when they are investing.

Sage Investment Advice

Our investment analysts have a track record for continually making stellar investment decisions that consistently benefit our clients. That’s why a growing number of people turn to us with confidence when they need help with investments, income, insurance, and retirement plans solutions. For more than 110 years people have depended on us for sage investment advice and guidance. We understand the volatility of the global markets and seek out the most secure, yet lucrative, financial products and investment opportunities to meet the long and short term needs of each and every client we serve.

Global Presence And Insight

The Principal Financial Group Incorporated is a company with a global presence. This enables us to have invaluable real-time access to and insight about established and emerging markets and companies. We search the globe looking for the safest, best, and most lucrative investments for our clients. We have a well-trained, highly-skilled, expert, staff on the ground with their fingers on the pulse of the economic changes taking place in diverse regions around the world. We have offices located in Des Moines, Iowa, Las Condes, Chile, Hong Kong, Mumbai, India, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, San Pedro Garza García, Mexico, and several other locations worldwide.

An Excellent Leadership Team

A key reason for the stability, success, profitability and continued growth of the Principal Financial Group Incorporated is its excellent leadership and management team.

They are led by Daniel J. Houston, president, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer,

Timothy Dunbar, president of Principal Global Asset Management, Amy C. Friedrich,

President of U.S. Insurance Solutions, Christopher J. Littlefield, Executive Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel, Renee Schaaf, President of Retirement and Income Solutions and Luis Valdes, Chief Executive Officer and President of Principal International.

An Incredibly Talent, Dedicated Staff

The backbone of the company is the more than 17,600 staff members who work directly with our clients all over the globe. These well-educated, talented, experienced, caring, individuals are dedicated to ensuring the needs and goals of every client are understood and met. These men and women take the time to listen to each client, understand their dreams, financial goals, and concerns and work to ensure they have the right financial instruments from which to choose. Our staff is the true face of our financial services company and they are the ones who go the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied.

Where We Stand

We currently have more than 24 million clients and a market capitalization of $13.3 billion. As of June 2020, the Principal Financial stock price is $48.7. That’s a 4% growth over 2019. Our $16.2 billion in annual revenue is a 14% increase over last year. In the first quarter of 2020, the company generated $4.6 billion in revenue, with $1.7 billion in gross profit. Our gross profit margin is 37.2%. Our annual revenue breakdown by business segment shows 54.5% of our income generated by our Retirement and Income Solutions business, 27.1% from our U.S. Insurance Solutions business, 9.3% from our Principal International sector, and 9.2% coming from Principal Global Investors.


Not sure if you need a financial advisor?

There are different types of financial advisors on hand to help clients get on with their financial management. It is crucial for every business owner or manager to identify personal requirements in order to find the right type of advisor that best suits them. First and foremost it is important to research and understand the current financial situation of a market. Such as the level of debt and the capacity to economize. A financial advisor is vital for the projection of the life of a business as well as principal securities. This advisor will serve its clients to establish adequate financial planning to achieve the desired objectives, both personal and financial. Furthermore, they will be the ideal partner in all financial decisions, both at the time of investment and at the time of setting up principal funds.

What type of company is principal financial group?

The Principal Financial Group is a corporate finance investment and insurance corporation based in Iowa, USA. That form of enterprise is public. They are the pioneer in delivering pension benefits, insurance products, and wealth management. Although, the most important intention is the financial security of every client. As we already learn this insurance organization was acquired in 1879. Nowadays they are major investment banking masters. Moreover, this kind of group allows users to actively build all styles of futures they aspire about, driven by financial strategic stability.

What is the vacation policy like at principal financial group?

Firstly, we can find inside the principal financial group review many users commenting that the vacation policy is completely unique with 4 or 5 weeks of PTO per year. The administration team is in charge of informing people when they are ready to take their vacation. Unquestionably, the PTO system is flexible and good. If you are a new employee you can expect between 5 and 6 hours of PTO each 2 weeks. Holidays such as July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Christmas are surely presented as well as vacation time off and do not involve the PTO balance.

What is principal financial group‘s mission?

The main objective of the main Financial Group consists of facilitating its clients by giving them the best possible keys to successfully prepare to face financial decisions and to safeguard against the inevitable consequences of illness, disability, and also old age. The group is based on their experience. They are well distinguished for their strategy, honesty, integrity, and good work over the years, helping people meet their targets for long-term financial stability. They provide appropriate, goal-oriented guidance and are designed to incorporate financial plans to help people take care and grow their assets. If you’re using an active institutional investor or perhaps an enterprise. Finally, the principal financial group will support people with no problem. Achievement of targets is a big target for this community.

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