When is it ideal to hire a financial advisor?


Managing your own money is not always easy. As much as the internet offers information that helps the administration of finances, there are situations in which hiring a financial advisor is essential to obtain success in your financial life. Although 2014 data from the State of São Paulo points to a 39% growth in consultants with a Financial Planner Certificate, there are financial managers from companies that still do not know the right time to hire a financial advisor. If you are also experiencing this impasse, check out the information that we, at Finance Line, have selected to show you the right time to hire a financial advisor.

When should you hire a financial advisor?

Companies that grow exponentially end up accumulating high financial capital. However, some managers find it difficult to determine the best way to diversify capital and expand the business of these organizations. At such times, hiring a financial advisor is necessary to show what are the best financial applications to be made. The consultant will also indicate when to buy, hold or invest in stocks on the market.

When you want to analyze investment possibilities

The financial advisor, together with the company’s finance manager, will analyze the market scenario in order to collect information that provides the basis for decision making. For example, if the objective is to invest in shares on the stock exchange, the consultant will study with the manager the amount that will be invested. There is no minimum amount to invest in shares on the stock exchange, the values vary according to the broker and the prices of the shares to be purchased.

When you want to maintain economic stability

Anyone who believes that a personal financial advisor should be used only in times of business crisis is wrong . It is this professional who will signal types of risky investments and the right moments to invest capital. He will also check that the company is respecting the financial planning established by him and the finance manager. Whenever possible, the consultant will propose adjustments that increase profits and minimize expenses for the organization.

When finances don’t go well

Hiring a financial advisor remains essential for situations where finances are not going well. Companies with difficulty in positioning themselves in the market or with problems related to labor charges can face intense financial crises. With the financial advisor’s contribution, an expense containment plan will be drawn up, which will be essential to raise the amount needed to pay suppliers and employees.

To measure whether the company was successful in investing

It is up to the financial advisor to monitor the company’s investment project from beginning to end, indicating points that need to be adjusted in order to increase profitability. In addition, it is also important that this professional gives a return to the contractor on the final results of each investment. If the answer is positive, the company can proceed with investment strategies.

So, what can personal financial advice do for you?

If you intend to plan for the future with accurate and reliable investments, the ideal is to have the help of a personal finance consultant. He will carry out a detailed assessment of your profile and your prospects to outline an action and investment plan according to your goals. It’s time to change your life!

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Is it worth it to hire a financial advisor?

If you’ve thought about everything about your financial future, you may be wondering how to create a long-term plan to achieve your goals. For this to happen, is it worth it to hire a financial advisor? The term financial advisor is commonly used to refer to financial planners, although it also includes other financial professionals. In fact, many financial advisors today offer low-cost consultations that can help clients be pointed in the right direction, even if they have no income or assets for more comprehensive portfolio management .

You’re young and don’t know where to start

A good financial plan makes the biggest difference when adopted early in life. This is because it is much easier to start investing 20% of your income when you are young and, you want to retire in 40 years, than to start saving 50% of your income to retire in 15.

Events can hinder planning

Whenever a major life event occurs, there is a financial impact. For example, getting married means merging finances with your partner . Having a child means that you must plan your future educational costs . Marriage, buying a house, starting a family, changing jobs, going to college all have financial implications and would benefit from impartial financial planning .

Lack of time for organizing finances

Another reason to work with a financial advisor is because you don’t have the time to critically examine your financial life and establish a plan. No matter how smart or how much money you have, sometimes money is not used well. A financial advisor can help you create a roadmap to keep your financial life on track.

Financial problems take the sleep

If you stay up every night, worrying about issues like cash flow, savings, covering loan payments or changing your family situation, it’s time to look for a professional financial planner to solve issues by creating cash flow statement for monthly or yearly reporting. We are not born with this knowledge. While we are all able to figure this out, working with a financial advisor can get you on the best track faster.

Find out what you can afford

Whether you want to get a basic plan or hire someone to provide ongoing guidance, working with a financial planner can be a smart move. However, the cost to hire a professional has a very wide range, depending on the financial advisor. To find a financial advisor that meets your needs and budget, it can be useful to take advantage of financial planning networks .

Make sure your financial advisor is reliable

You also want to make sure that the person you work with has your best interests at heart. Hiring the wrong professional can be an expensive mistake. Many planners and brokers who are unreliable work with commission and are in business to sell you what gives them the most money. That is why you should look for someone who is only honorary, which means that they do not earn money from commissions or from selling products. You may also want to look for financial advisers with professional designations, such as a certified financial planner.

Consider a robotic advisor

If your goal is to find a portfolio management that doesn’t add to the budget, a robot consultant may be the best choice for you. These automated investment management services , which employ algorithms that choose your investments based on some personal factors and manage them with little human oversight, charge around 0.25-0.5% of your portfolio’s value annually.


No matter which financial advisor you choose, the point is that professional financial aid is more affordable and, more important than you think. Everyone should have a financial plan that articulates their financial objectives and describes in detail how it will meet. On the one hand, it takes a little time to keep up to date on the latest developments in areas such as investments and taxes. In addition, it takes discipline to stick to a plan. There are also strategies to optimize your spending, save, give and invest that many people will not think about without experienced assistance, or at least without spending a lot of time doing independent research. So don’t override financial planning as a privilege reserved only for the rich. There are plenty of financial advisers out there who specialize in working with clients who don’t have a ton of money. The goal is that working with one, you put into practice a plan that, in the end, takes you to the next level.

The fact is that, even with a financial advisor, knowledge is needed to shield from uncertainties and make the right choice. If you really want to invest your money safely, learn about investments and know-how to choose the best investment for you. After all, knowledge frees.
In this article, we list situations that may generate the need to hire a financial advisor . If, even with the information highlighted here, you still do not know the best time to hire a financial advisor , contact Finance Line and schedule a meeting.

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